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   A multitude of marine life under the pier welcomes you.  A Smooth Trunkfish and Porkfish circle the piers pylon, while a beautiful Scrawled Filefish is checking you out.   A school of Tarpon and Snook eye a bait ball. Schools of yellow and black striped Sargent Majors and shiny silver Look Downs are very common under a pier. And of course the Barracuda is always looking for a meal

My Ciclee fine art prints beautifully capture my underwater visions, from Coral Reef life, to Tarpon, Snook and Barracuda in my Under the Pier series and when marine life meets creativity, “Something Different” is sure to happen.

Thank you for your order.

Utopia 53X23"

  • If your not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days of receiving your order for a full refund. Prints must be returned in their original condition and container. There will be no refunds for any prints that are returned damaged. 

  • Prints ship to your home or business within two to three weeks

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